About Verve Sessions

Verve Sessions is an ongoing group coaching program for established entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Our groups provide enhanced peer learning, which combines the accountability and diversity of a trusted peer group with expert facilitation and high-level knowledge of human and organizational development.  

Group members work collaboratively with their coach to explore and solve real, practical business challenges, to engineer and sustain higher levels of performance, and to achieve significant and meaningful results in business and leadership.


Verve Sessions was developed by Erek Ostrowski in 2010 as a way of bringing small business owners together for three things that are often missing from the day-to-day work of running a growing business:

  • A purposeful, ongoing dialogue in which to learn collectively by exploring and solving real-time business problems and challenges

  • A structure of accountability to support group members in taking the actions necessary to achieve their goals

  • A network of of trusted peers, sharing diverse perspectives and specialized expertise, as part of an engaged learning community

The program has evolved over time to incorporate knowledge from theory and research in the field of human and organizational systems, as Erek has pursued his masters and doctoral degrees in this field.  In addition, Erek brings over 20 years of professional coaching experience to the mix, which helps ensure an underlying focus on learning, action, and results.             


Verve Sessions is a knowledge-based approach to group coaching, meaning that the coaching techniques, tools, and strategies used are based on knowledge from theory, research, and practice in coaching and other related fields.         

Unlike support groups or self-help groups, Verve Sessions tackles real, practical business problems and challenges through action, reflection, and applied knowledge.  The primary focus is on learning and achievement, in the context of each group member's specific goals and learning objectives.  

Unlike other small business networking groups, round tables, or peer circles, Verve Sessions is facilitated in a way that encourages members to go beyond peppering each other with well-intentioned advice.  Why?  Because advice rarely works.  Instead, group members help each other by listening deeply, asking the right questions, and exploring the systemic roots of common problems and challenges in order to produce the kind of insight that leads to lasting change and sustained, meaningful results.  

Participants often report learning to step back and evaluate difficult situations from a more mindful and objective point of view—learning to see the forest for the trees, so to speak.  This approach has been described as "noise-canceling for the mind".  It helps people cut through the chaos and ambivalence that all too often pervade the day-to-day work of running a business—reducing stress, and boosting clarity and confidence.  In addition, members have reported that the practice of learning how to help others in a group setting has made them more aware of the way they approach complex challenges with their own employees and clients, and more skilled at handling these types of situations.    

Program Format

Verve Sessions is a 12-month program that provides both group and private coaching:

  • Monthly, 3-hour group coaching sessions (in-person)

  • Monthly, 1-hour private business coaching sessions (usually via phone or Skype)

Group members are also encouraged to be in communication with their group in between coaching sessions, via email or phone, as needed or desired.      

Investment (per person)



Benefit from a structure of accountability; learn to master complex business challenges; gain new insight and perspective from trusted peers.

A blend of targeted individual and group learning, every month.



Learn to apply organizational insight and strategy; become an effective leader and manager; get laser-focused coaching when you need it most.

Adds greater flexibility and specialized knowledge applicable to larger companies.


Requires a 12-month commitment.  Pay annually and save 5%.

*Fewer than six full-time employees and less than $750k in gross annual revenue.

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