Verve Coaching works with small business owners who want to learn to lead their organizations with confidence and ease. 

Clients work in collaboration with their coach to articulate their goals, to explore complex and challenging situations from multiple perspectives, to identify what matters and what works, and to translate that insight into action.    

Founded in 2006 by Erek Ostrowski (PCC, BCC), Verve Coaching combines a confidential and supportive one-on-one learning environment with a focus on human and organizational development and change.  Erek’s coaching provides a sounding board to help clients think through problems and decisions, a structure of accountability to help them execute on a solid plan, and a place of personal reflection and learning that lead to meaningful change and concrete results.    


Verve Coaching utilizes a knowledge-based approach, meaning that the coaching techniques, tools, and strategies used are based on knowledge from theory, research, and practice in coaching and other related fields, including:

  • Human development
  • Adult learning
  • Systems theory
  • Organization theory
  • Motivation and change
  • Narrative learning and development 

Unlike most leadership/management training seminars or workshops, Verve Coaching addresses clients' specific goals and learning objectives from moment to moment, rather than delivering fixed or predetermined content.  Coach and client work together to tackle real, pressing business concerns, while developing the skills and practices necessary to help prevent common problems from recurring.  Coaching works through a cyclical process of reflection, learning, and informed action, that becomes more potent and valuable as time goes on.  The primary focus is on learning and achievement, in the context of each client's specific goals and business objectives.

Coaching clients often report learning to step back and evaluate difficult situations from a more mindful and objective point of view—learning to see the forest for the trees, so to speak.  This approach has been described as "noise-canceling for the mind".  It helps people cut through the noise and chaos inherent in the day-to-day work of running a business, in order to reduce stress, and boost clarity and confidence.


Most private coaching is conducted on an hourly basis.  Depending on the specific goals or objectives of a coaching engagement, session frequency can range anywhere from once a week to once a month.  Coaching sessions are most often conducted via phone or Skype, but it is also possible to meet in person.

Other Info

For more information, please contact Erek Ostrowski.  If you would like to request a private coaching consultation, please use the link below...