About Verve Sessions

Verve Sessions is an ongoing group coaching program for established small business owners.  Our groups provide enhanced peer learning, which combines the accountability and diversity of a trusted peer group with expert facilitation, and high-level knowledge of human and organizational development and change.  

Group members work collaboratively with their coach to explore and solve real, practical business challenges, to engineer and sustain higher levels of performance, and to achieve significant and meaningful results in life and business.  Learn more...  


How to Apply

The application process is easy, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis—so you can apply any time.  There is no application fee, and no obligation until you choose to join a group.  Space is limited, and priority is given to Verve Coaching clients who are already engaged in private coaching.     

If you have questions or would like to speak to someone about the program before applying, please contact Erek Ostrowski.

To learn more about application requirements and/or to submit an application now, please continue.


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Hello, and thank you for visiting Verve Coaching.  I'm Erek Ostrowski.  Verve Coaching is my professional coaching and consulting practice, founded in 2006.  

Having been in this field for over 16 years, I can appreciate the unique set of circumstances and concerns that each client brings into the coaching arena.  I believe that you know your business better than anyone else can, and that given access to the right tools and resources, you are the only one capable of deciding what is right and what is best for your business.  What I bring to that equation is my own curiosity; a knack for asking the right questions and listening deeply to their answers; a zealous passion for understanding and improving human and organizational systems; and access to broad, relevant knowledge from theory, research, and personal experience.