Small Business Coaching

Your enterprise’s success depends on your ability to navigate complex challenges and unforeseen circumstances, while out-maneuvering your competitors, upholding a unique vision, and capitalizing on every possible competitive advantage.

As a small business owner or entrepreneurial professional, coaching can provide you with an opportunity to work through challenges and barriers that have limited your results in the past. Through an engaging process of reflection and collaborative dialogue, coaching can help you understand different ways of looking at familiar situations, yielding rich lessons and illuminating new pathways for achieving results in your enterprise.

Verve Coaching can help you:

  • Solve persistent problems for good
  • Leverage new opportunities for maximum impact
  • Develop your management and leadership skills
  • Design and complete action plans that move your business forward
  • Become more organized and productive
  • Reflect on your own thinking in an objective and unbiased way
“Erek’s insight into our business is uncanny; he has an innate ability to understand the real root of a problem, and offers not easy answers, but thought-provoking responses that challenge me to learn from each decision.” Adam G., East Boston MA

“We are using Erek’s expertise to help our company create a better culture and ultimately be the best company at what we do. We are thinking differently and starting to operate differently and we’re headed in the right direction with Erek’s guidance.” Andy M., Boston MA

“I highly recommend Erek’s service. He is professional, thoughtful, detailed and a pleasure to work with. Erek was very helpful to me in thinking through the varied aspects of my law practice and how to integrate my work with a cohesive message / brand (website). Simply stated, Erek can help any professional or business “take it to the next level.” I would recommend Erek to anyone who could use a partner to think through their business plans, organization and presentation.” Emily M., Concord MA

“Want an amazing coach for your business? I recommend Erek Ostrowski of Verve Coaching. Unbelievable. Clear. Thinks inside and outside the box. Totally empowering. In four hours of listening and fun, he solved multiple problems, which has saved me and my staff hours of work a week.” Ina A., Waltham MA

“Every successful business has a mission, and part of implementing that mission is to meet the needs of the consumer. Erek melds these two needs seamlessly through strong listening skills, quiet observation, and finally by delivering an efficient and articulate response that relies on the mission as its foundation.” Katie R., Boston MA

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